On today’s visit I’m taking you to the South Coast of England to an Victorian terrace house of Agi who lives there with hubby and two young children. The ever-changing home of the owner is a prof what a difference home décor styling can make, with a play of different textures, colours and space arrangement.

In Agi’s words:

I would describe my style as eclectic, colourful and fun. I think the house is the most important place in the world and it should reflect the personalities of people living in it while being as comfortable as possible. I think life is too short to stick to one particular interior style hence I cherry pick from loads of different aesthetics and come up with my own eclectic mix.

As you know I’m a huge fan of art and almost every wall in our house is covered with art prints. I suppose I’ve always loved art, but then I have a very relaxed approach to it. I think anything can look fab on the wall! I just have to love it and it has to evoke some emotions. 

I used to frame literally everything, starting with cool wallpaper samples, fabrics, postcards, pics from magazines, etc. 

Since I’ve started my adventure with Instagram I’ve discovered loads of amazingly talented artists whose work adorns the walls of our house now and my obsession with artwork just got bigger and bigger.

In regards to frames I usually go for the cheap options that I think work as well as the higher end ones. Most of my frames are from IKEA and The Range. I also love shopping for picture frames in charity shops/ boot sales. You can find some gorgeous (often vintage) frames for as little as 50p a piece.

We have several larger gallery walls in the house and all apart from one were kind of put together as you go, rather than carefully planned. I just seem to work better that way. I have no rules for matching the art with the room colour, etc. It just has to ‘feel right’. Some gallery walls are untouched since the day I first put them up on the wall while others are being constantly rearranged and art swapped over as they just aren’t exactly what I want. 

I’ve only ever done one carefully planned gallery wall in our house (it’s in our dining room) and it’s been rather stressful. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it and I’m sure it was worth the effort but it took me days to decide on which prints to use and where to put each individual one so I’ll probably stick with the most spontaneous way of arranging art in our house.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed your 4th visit with Lush Eclectic Art into the world of interiors and that you found the above tips and ideas inspiring.

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Next time I’m taking you to Cheshire to see what must be one of the most opulent and beautiful homes you’ve seen.. and you would never have guessed that it is a rental! Have a lovely weekend x


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