a cycle of short features were we will be visiting fabulous homes around the world and their owners who are passionate about art (my art to be precise). Each home which we will visit is unique, with it’s own style & character. From castles, through period homes, cottages, flats,  terrace houses to semis, from cities, towns, villages and country sides across the globe… I would like to invite you to join me in this inspirational journey where we will explore different ideas and styles in interior design and we will explore various ways of styling art in your home.

On our first trip I would like to take to a seaside town in Northern Ireland, to Victorian terrace house of Peggy Bell. This stunning theatrical and deliciously opulent and colourful home is a perfect backdrop for an impressive art collection. Peggy loves indulging in her creativity and her need to self-expression with fun décor mixing charity shops finds, colourful soft furnishings and made over antique furniture.

Peggy, how you arrange your wall galleries ?

I usually pic one focal picture a bit larger than the others and put that in the central position. Then I take the smaller pictures and kind of spiral them around it, making sure there is a kind of loose symmetry. When using side-on portraits, or portraits where the eyes look off to the side, I prefer that they are looking towards the room rather than at a wall, so that no one is huffing and facing a wall!


If I’m doing a larger gallery wall, I try to keep things contrasting to keep the eye moving around it, so I throw in a few round or oval frames to break up all the straight lines, and try to put contrasting colours side by side, or contrasting themes e.g. portrait beside flowers or nature scenes.

How do you chose a frame for the art and where you get your frames ? Any other tips ?

I tend to pick up frames from charity shops and respray them if they aren’t gold, unless I need a specific size, in which case I search online. I tend not to use border inserts as I feel it can distract from the colour story of the gallery, but that’s just personal taste! I match the size of the frame to the picture, then try to put contrasting frames side by side, e.g. ornate beside plain.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed your first visit with Lush Eclectic Art into the world of interiors and so that you found above tips and ideas inspiring.

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Next time we will escape into the chateau as I’m taking you to France!



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