‘Halo’ art print


Size available: A3, A2

Artist: Marta Hutt

Year created: 2018

Technique: dry pastel, acrylic paint and gold leaf


While working on ‘Halo’ I tried to capture emotion in the face and body language but in the way which is subjective to the person looking at her…

You might perceive her as the holy grail of beauty being beautiful and with the model figure,  or you might think she is too skinny and unhealthy, or perhaps that she is healthy and strong… but is she is she happy or sad? How old is she and what is her story? I leave it up to you to decide…

This artwork has been painted with acrylic paint, dry pastel and finished off with the gold leaf. You can get it in A3 and A2 sizes, with it without the gold leaf.

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Sizes available

A2, A3