Fierce Foreigner


‘Fierce Foreigner’ art print

Sizes available: A1, A2, A3, A4

Artist: Marta Hutt

Year created: 2018

Technique: dry pastel & acrylic paint


While discussing the details of a commission I was working on, my client asked me how do I see myself. I jokingly replied: ‘as a fierce foreigner’ and laughed. …and then my client asked me to paint just that… ‘Fierce Foreigner’ was created as a commission for a client in the US.

Picturing ‘fierceness’ would be quite easy using facial expression and/ or body language but to picture ‘foreign’ as a visual was more tricky. Being Polish, I chose to show myself to you in a Polish folklore attire to illustrate this visually. When I was a little girl, the folklore outfit with the floral wreath and red beaded necklace was my fancy dress (and I guess most of the Polish girls who were kids in the 80’s have a similar nursery picture – it clearly was a thing back then). . I already had the flower wreath which I used for styling a photo shoot a few years back. The makeup style has been inspired by American Indian war paint to channel the warrior vibe and create a striking self-portrait. Taking lots of selfies wearing the floral wreath followed to create the reference photo.

You can see the videos from the painting and drawing process on my Instagram highlights.

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Sizes available

A1, A2, A3, A4