Cheer Up 3 (pink)


‘Cheer Up 3 (pink)’ art print

Size available: A4

Artist: Marta Hutt

Year created: 2017

Technique: dry pastel & mixed media

Sometimes people who come across as the happiest, cheerful, positive and smiling are not really happy at all, sometimes even depressed and fighting their own battles that others don’t know about…

‘Cheer Up’ is the artwork highlighting the fact that things are not always what they seem and that we shouldn’t make assumptions based on looks or how we might perceive someone based on first impression.

Originally drawn with dry pastel A4 black paper and later experimented with mixed media – ‘Cheer Up’ artwork comes in 3 varieties: Cheer Up Original, Cheer Up 2 (blue) and Cheer Up 3 (pink).

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