Escape to the French Chateau – the eclectic home of Clotilde aka @soclodesign

Welcome to ART IN THE WORLD OF INTERIORS – a cycle of short features were we will be visiting fabulous homes around the world and their owners who are passionate about art. Each home we will visit is unique, with it’s own style & character. From castles, through to period homes, cottages, flats, new-builds, terrace houses and semis, from cities, towns, villages and country sides across the globe… I would like to invite you to join me in this inspirational journey, where we will explore different ideas and styles in interior design and we will look at various ways of displaying art in your home.

If like me you have a little obsession with Escape To The Château TV programmes, you are in for a special treat as this time I’m taking you to France on a virtual visit with ART IN THE WORLD OF INTERIORS.

Today we are visiting the home of Clotilde who is an owner of a dreamy château in France.

Just imagine living in your own castle surrounded with green acres of land, a woodland and a stream nearby. Surely this must the an ideal location for the lock-down.

Clotile’s château is eclectic, where traditional style is mixed with modern pieces, colour, handmade rustic decorations and art. You will notice quirky touches such as a row of vintage cinema chairs or staircase walls entirely covered with music notes. This home is far from a pompous stately home stuffed with antiques which you cannot touch, au contraire – this is a beautiful, warm and lived-in modern home for the whole family but with an eclectic style.

Clotilde says:

Living in a castle is just a dream, I repainted it myself and decorated almost the entire castle respecting the history of the place.

I brought colour, life, and modernity.

I love the mix of style, the eclecticism and classicism.

I love art, music, sculpture and painting.

My choice of art is made by the emotion it gives me.

Your art is wonderful, your painting gives me truth , sensibility, emotion and sensuality it’s like a poem, it’s just amazing !

Do you buy art to suit the interior with colour or theme or do you buy the art because you love it and then you find a place for it in your castle? How do you decide where the new painting will go ?

Often it’s a crush, sometimes I see something that speaks to me and will be perfect for a room!

What inspired you to create your wall which is covered in music pages?

The wall which is covered in music notes because in our family we are all musicians ! My two daughters play piano and my sons play saxophone and cello.

I play myself guitar and we all went to a music conservatorium, so I think this wall is a reminder and an evidence for us to what we do … and I love collages.

In my last home I did a wall with old comics and another wall with only flowers which I’ve cut out of magazines!

I always have a lot of ideas and I love to paint, I like being creative making lamps and a things for decorating my home.

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I hope that you’ve enjoyed your 2nd visit with Lush Eclectic Art into the world of interiors and that you found the above tips and ideas inspiring.

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Next time… just think about The Great Gatsby…


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